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About Me

Hi, my name is Bethany and I am a fun-loving, young-at-heart foodie who loves to cook and share recipes with friends. Half of the year, I live in a cabin in the woods of the North Cascades in Washington State and the other half, I live in Yuma, Arizona. My partner, Tom, and I have created a lovely, peaceful life together that is full of fun and good food. He is my biggest encourager, food-taster and grill master. (I don’t grill. I watch and take notes.)Our Cabin in the Woods

I play guitar and sing, Tom and I both paint, ride motorcycles, drift the river in our inflatable raft, go dancing and enjoy live music. Our favorite places to hang out are our front porches and the local Birdsview Brewery (Concrete, WA).

I’ve always had to cook on a budget, so I learned how to find resourceful ways to make dinner out of whatever was in the cupboard – great lessons in thrift and creativity. I’ve collected the best recipes from everywhere I go: Brazil, Mexico, New Orleans, friends, family and potlucks. I read cookbooks for fun, which have also yielded some terrific recipes. (For a list of my favorite cookbooks, click here.)

My taste runs the gamut, from old-fashioned comfort food (think Mac & Cheese) to super healthy recipes with trendy ingredients (Kale, tofu and Truffle Oil), so Delishable isn’t so much about a particular niche, as it is about really excellent food that has actually been prepared, and eaten, in my very small kitchen. I care about flavor and quality, as well as health, so nearly all my recipes are made from scratch, using very few commercially prepared ingredients. (You will find a few exceptions.)

I am always aghast when a recipe from the internet turns out to be really lame. Has that ever happened to you? Too much salt, too much chile pepper (yikes!), directions that don’t make sense, or flavor that was just…well…flat. You won’t find those things at Delishable. I’ve tested every recipe for excellent flavor and written the instructions in a way that the beginner cook can understand. There’s even a glossary, just in case a word is unfamiliar.

My passion (besides cooking) is to encourage and teach you to be brave: learn new things, try new foods, take the fear out of cooking, and mostly to have FUN in the kitchen.

My first memories of cooking arLittle chefe of standing on a chair to reach the counter. My mom was patient enough to let me “help” her in the kitchen. She taught me how to crack and separate an egg so no shell went into the cake batter, how to fold in whipped egg whites, and a myriad of other helpful skills, which I will pass on to you as time allows. (This is not me, but I was a blond and I LOVE this picture!)

In 3rd & 4th grades, we had a 4-H cooking club in my neighborhood in rural Oregon. I looked forward to those times and learned a lot from our fearless leader. (You have to be fearless to take on a bunch of elementary school girls in a kitchen with a hot stove, sharp knives, and messy batters!)


I don’t really have a favorite type of food…it’s all good! But I do especially enjoy cooking ethnic dishes. When visiting in Brazil, I had the privilege of helping the ladies in the kitchen cook for a youth retreat. We didn’t have any common spfejoadaoken language, but the language of cooking translates quite easily, and it’s always best to learn by doing. So I paid attention to my lessons and learned how to make some lovely dishes, like Fejoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew) and a decent Arroz Brazileiro (Brazilian Rice), which is a little tricky.

While visiting a Japanese friend in California, I learned how to make Chicken Long Rice (soup), Udon Noodle Soup, and a few other yummy dishes. That was a LOT of fun and encouraged me to try other Japanese recipes, like Nori Rolls and Leafy Greens with Sesame Dressing…mmmm. I want to learn more about Japanese cooking!

Chicken Long RiceNori RollsLeafy Greens with Sesame Dressing


Spending four winters in Mexico, I learned quite a bit about authentic Mexican cuisine, which is nearly impossible to find in the United States. When I first arrived there, I told my partner, Tom, that I wanted a cookbook that had authentic Mexican recipes, but written in English. We both laughed because the people where we were staying probably didn’t use recipes and most of them didn’t speak English, so what were the chances? A week later, we were at the local used book store (run by gringos for gringos) and there it was: Seasons of My Heart – exactly what I was wanting! Shrimp DiabloSome of my favorites are posted on this site and I’ll be adding more over time. Check out the Mexican category here.

I have had the privilege of preparing four banquets for 40-50 people: Mexican, Italian, East Indian, and Greek. Next year I plan to do a French theme. It’s a lot of work, but with some intense planning it can also be a lot of fun! Wanna learn how?? I’ll be posting about these extravaganzas soon, so stay tuned.

It is my hope that I can share some of my enthusiasm and passion for creating amazing meals, encourage you to try new things and, most of all, to help you have FUN in the kitchen. I’d like to take the fear out of cooking for you by making my recipes easy to follow, with clear directions, helpful hints, tips, and a glossary, so no would-be cook is left behind!


  • because a new ingredient is like a new toy
  • because I love to eat
  • to feel like an artist
  • to unleash my inner chef
  • to show my love


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